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The Next Stage of Painting

We love so much to improve that we can't stick with the "normal".

More than just using roll and brush we are also specialist in Spraying Painting both on walls and cabinets, delivering a high quality finishing.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
But to get the perfect finishing it is essential to get the perfect preparation and here is where our passion starts. Studying each problem separately and tackling thoroughly it with the appropriate treatment and materials make the preparation sound and last longer. Here is where most of our time is spent, some times 90% of the project is spent on preparation.

When the time for painting arrives and the subtracts are ready to be covered, we then apply all required layers of coats - we just don't save - of primer and undercoat. Only then the top coat (the one resinous which will create the shield) will be applied.

Perfect painting
A smooth finishing on walls and woodwork can be achieved by spraying the paint, making them just look exuberant. We are specialist sprayers and where is possible we will always offer you this approach. But if the traditional roll and brush are going to be used, we will also work to exceed the expectations.